APCAS Activities

Housing Assistance for the Landslide Victims

Project Term
April 2010 - March 2011

In the resettlement areas in Denilowatta, Dadayampola, Nildandahinna and Egodakanda of Walapane DS division, 75 families were supported in last year to build the 1 safety room to live. It had done by the participation of benifieries by themselves and we could recognize some of communities had been empowered for reconstruction thorugh all process.

After their constructed completed, other 27 families moved to resettlement area newly but who had to live in the tents under the stirict climate condition cause they could not get any assisitance to build the house. This gap began to cause a small conflict between own-house victimis and no house victims.

1. Improve the housing condition for landslide victims who still live in the tent
2. reducing the assistance gap among victims.

27 families in resettlement Area

Japan’s Postal Savings for International Voluntary Aid (Donor)

1. Supply materials and supporting construction
APCAS offers materials necessary for construction 01 safe room to live and it should construct by beneficiaries themselves to have their ownership.