APCAS Activities

Support to Improve the Education Level through the Children Club

Project Term
April 2010 -

Landslide disaster Occurred in 2007 in Central province, which became a significant opportunity to start officially our all activities. Now more than 3year has passed since our relation with victims started.
Most victims’ situation has gradually improved to at least minimum level as to water and house but education and income problems still remained as unsolved issues.
According to national-wide examination results among 92 educational zones, Walapane zone including this project site has resulted in worst 10 and furthermore we can say that landslide affected areas are worst educational areas in Walapane.

What is more, we have to care about existing inhabitants’ attitude at victims’ resettlement areas, because they might feel jealous because some of whom have lived at the same level with victims but could not get any assistance from government and us. We think interactive communication between them should be more significant during this phase.

To achieve effective and total assistance for the areas, this project will be implemented with agricultural support project aimed livelihood support and with constructing school building at the same time.


1. Academic development
2. Reducing the stress
3. Increasing communication between victims and existing inhabitants near the resettlement area.

300 children and their parents

Japan’s Postal Savings for International Voluntary Aid (Donor)
Daishin Educational Foundation (Donor&Partner)

1. Support to Improve Music & Arts
Children develop creativity and express themselves through the arts. Singing, dancing, painting, and drama give children the chance to find out who they are – or sometimes pretend to be someone different -- and express it in beautiful ways. In Denilowatta through the dancing class they improve their knowledge about traditional dancing and actively participate for the event held in children club.

2. Sharing books among the Children
The children club in Denilowatta collected reading materials to share among the members in their club and we support to give them a book cupboard to keep their books safety.

3. Positive Thinking Programs
These children are affected from the landslide and they have bitter experience of the natural disaster. Therefore some children are give up their hopes about the future and they give up the education even. Through the positive thinking program we rebuild their mentality and give the confidence to face their difficulties in positive manner.

4. Conducting English classes
There are over 200 children are studying English Language under our classes. It will support for the improvement of their speaking, writing and reading .The evaluation test will held each month and evaluate the progress of children.

5. Awareness Program regarding Importance of Education
Make aware the parents about the importance of learning English and how to encourage their children to learn English language.