APCAS Activities

Installing Water Equipments in Schools and Awareness Programme in CKD problems area

Project Term
April 2010 - March 2011

North Central Province consisted of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts, which is belongs to the arid area of Sri Lanka. It has located on less than 1250mm per annual rainfall area. Although it was named as a kingdom of tanks, unfortunately in future, as the major issue could be recognize in that area is drinking water problem.

Since 1994, a new form of chronic kidney disease, known as CKD, has been identified in Sri Lanka, According to the Annual Health Bulletin 2005, the hospital mortality rate for diseases of urinary system (which includes kidney diseases) doubled during the period 1980- 2005, from 3.1 to 6.5 deaths per 100,000 persons. At the national level, such diseases were the 11th leading cause of hospital deaths in 2005.
According to the statistics available, a significant increase of Chronic Kidney Disease has been observed in recent years in North Central Province.

Many scientists have pointed out high content of the fluoride in the water would be one main factor to affect the kidney disease. In fact that large numbers of children, including infants also have affected to kidney diseases in this area.

Moreover, one more factor which makes the kidney disease more serious is that people believe “Once they talk about kidney disease then they will die soon so never speak out about it” and which means in general early symptom of kidney disease is furtive and the time when subjective symptom appears then disease are already getting worse stage and no choice to be cured . Therefore, they believe above unsupported superstition.


IMG_5825.JPG1. Enhancing accessibility and quality of drinking water at schools through constructing the wells and rain water harvesting tank and installing filtering system

2. Increasing awareness about water&sanitation and kidney diseases.

over 1,200 students and their 2,000 parents in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa

Japan’s Postal Savings for International Voluntary Aid (Donor)
Siddhartha Child Development Foundation (Partner)


1. Establishing committees
Promote to establish committees with the members who are involving with water and sanitation activities in that area. Held some discussion rounds with these selected persons and analyze the problems, also getting ideas from them and implement the project.

2. Installing the fluoride filters
For Seven schools, installed a Neha miracle fluoride filter, which has product by Jinasena Company.

3. Built rain water harvesting tank
We’ve decide to build a rain water harvesting tank in Gurugodella School in Medirigiriya which has 10,000 liters capacity. Expecting on this construction is collect rain water in large quantity as a solution for water and sanitation problems.

4. Launching the awareness programs and workshops about public health and sanitation
With the participation of regional health officers held some awareness programs about contagious deceases which have spreading those areas rapidly with some water resources.

5. Radio programs
So also we have decide broadcasting a radio program about water and sanitation, with contribution one of famous radio channel in this area is Rajarata Sewaya. On this occasion students of these schools had participated with their creative activities, such as presenting speeches, songs, poems.

6. Print a story picture book for children
We printed picturebook with a simple story about fluorosis for kids and picture books are consisted of students drawing works.