APCAS Activities

Livelihood Support at Landslide Affected Area

Project Term
April 2010 - March 2011

SANY0108.JPGpaticipatory housing project 2009Large landslides occurred in 2007, Walapane DS division in Central Province of Sri Lanka. The affected area is hardly get helping hands from outside because of less attention. After the disaster, the government has provided each family with around 150 square meters of land, only to build houses and it hard to continue farming as before. To rely on daily life is also unstable, household income has decreased sharply. As a result, more and more people are out from the village to earn money in urban areas.

APCAS has done emergency assistance, such as toilets and water supply infrastructure, education assistance, housing materials in last year and this year, we target the "Income Genetation" activities to get the true independence and development.

IMG_3346.JPG"Attentive support through livelihood improvement" to create the base for sustainability and independency in the future

200 affected households

Japan’s Postal Savings for International Voluntary Aid (Donor)

IMG_3186.JPG1. Cooperative Farm
Provide land for victims and the necessary materials and technical guidance are provided for the first cultivation; promote more efficient agricultural system for longer-term and aims to be able to subsidize the rent of land itself. In the land, corn, taro, green beans, eggplant, bitter melon is expected to grow.

2. Providing Livestock
With the help of Nuwara Eliya Livestock Bureau, We provides a cow, a goat, chickens, bee keeping instruments for selected households after the standard lecture by the specialists.

3. Kitchen gardens and Cultivating vegetable seeds
Start a vegetable garden about 10 square meters for effective use of land, aim to reduce the vegetables expenditure, ensure food self-consumption and increase the income.

4. Constructing the Agrarian Development Centre(ADC) and implementing of agricultural promotion
The purpose of tackling the vegetables price drop of prime season, set up the food drier machine from Japan to produce high-quality dried food from each home-grown vegetables and mushrooms.

5. Providing Sewing Machines
Select a household for distribute sewing machine.