APCAS Activities

Galkadawala Pre-School Building

Project Term
August 2010 -

Galkadawala village of in Walapane DS division in Nuwaraeliya district is the rural of the rural village where 150 households live in. The main incomes are small medium agriculture and cigarette cultivation. Road access is very poor and when it is raining cannot enter the vehicles even. Still there can see the using cow as the main transportation system because of the difficulties in this village.

1. Improving the education level from primary level
2. Mobilizing the parents for improve the education level in their region

The inhabitants of Galkadawala village

Daishin Educational Foundation (Donor)

IMG_0800.JPG1. Construct the preschool building for 30 students with the voluntary participation of villagers.
All the building materials purchase from in the village to improve the income level of many villagers to have the benefit within the village.