APCAS Activities

Improving Water Supply System and Children's Public Health

Project Term
April 2010 - March 2011

We APCAS worked on 1 year project of the same water and sanitation category in this area last year. At the final phase of this project, we faced the fact that there are many other schools which need water facilities and improvement of public health as well. Fortunately, through this project, we could well-recognize the collaboration between regional education sector and Public Health sector got closer and stronger. That’s why we made a decision to work on continuous projects as a collective.

We chose two schools which are not able to access secure drinking water in Kotawehera DS Division, Kurunegala in North Western province called Magallegama Vidyalaya and Galkadawala Vidyalaya because according to the results of health check we had done in Magallegama and Galakadawala Schools, 19% of children are malnourished and Garukadauera 16 % of children at risk of malnutrition.

In this year's project, we implement well and water tank providing the safe water with participatory way and improve the hygienic concept of children and their families with Public Health Officials. Also, through self-consumption of home-grown vegetables, while reducing spending the money for the food and increase the nutrition level of the children.

In addition, teachers who care and parents interact in activities considered together, by acting together, increase the autonomy of their independence, while also fostering a professional attitude to their other problems throughout all activities.

1. Solve the school water and sanitation issues
2. Construct the well and water storage tank
3. Improve sanitation concepts
4. Implementation of home gardening and improve the nutrition level of children.

572 students and 35 school teachers in Galakadawala school and in Magallegama school
100 students and their families (regarding kitchen garden)

Imai Foundation (Donor)
Sangurama (Partner)

water005.JPG1. Promoting Water and Sanitation in School
Make strengthen the organizations of teachers and parents through this project and parents understanding for the importance and the effect of creating a plan to address the problem,.The work progresses through the ownership of the building will be done on a voluntary basis and maintenance of wells and water storage tank was constructed.

2. The completion of the Well Water Storage Tank
Now they have access to safe drinking water continuously for 572 children.

3. Improved Sanitation Concepts
Now strive to continually improve the health management and improved student teachers aware of health through the Poster exhibition held throughout Public health officials (administrative officer) Improved the basic knowledge and awareness activities, such as cleanliness of toilets, etc.

4. Implementation of Home Gardening
Home garden of each house will begin in the name of the child. It helps Self-consumption of vegetable. On the hand it promotes the reducing kitchen waste emissions using compost for their gardens.