APCAS Activities

Environmental Conservation


environmental02.JPG Bakground All living beings are depending on the components of nature. Regardless depending on nature,the current development paradigm has been driven in past centuries. As a result of this situation, many component of nature has been faced to degrade, pollute and exit. Here upon the alternatives, suitable technologies, and human behaviors should have introduced in this movement.

DSC_0502.JPGThe modern consumption pattern has been differed from past. Due to this, per capita waste production has increased to unbelievable level. The sustainable waste management system is not stabled yet in Sri Lanka. Even the people are not concerning about own waste product.

Our Action
environmental_03.JPGWe started to make awareness and doing the waste management practice among the students in their schools by themselves in Moratuwa Colombo district. In the same time, the saw dust management programme have been started due to the main wood industry has located in Moratuwa. The wastes from industries are dumped daily more than 200 ton per day to the Bolgoda lake catchment. Bolgoda Lake has rich biodiversity and is a paradise to environmentalist and surrounding people.

Upcountry is very important to maintain the environment balance in Sri Lanka. Mainly its environmental service is the conserving water sheds. Unfortunately, the heart of country alias upcountry started to degrade during the colonial period due to start plantations and colonization.

The unplanned colonization has been made disasters and the people who are living in there have become the victims. The time has come for finding solution than finding the responsible person. According to that we have made plan a programme for upgrade the soil in one of upland locating Kandy district nearby first tea land.