dialogue and independence for the people and community with sharing resoponsibility and vision...to walk forward together

Our Activities for Landslide Victims since 2007

設や修繕、水やトイレ・学校菜園の整備といったハード面の支援に加え、衛生向上プログラム、環境教育、コンピュータや英語教育、親の教育へ対する理解の促進などのソフト面の活動も組み合わせ、より多くの効果を引landslide victims camp in walapane(2007)
特に教育が遅れている農村地域を中心に、学校の建設や修繕、水やトイレ・学校菜園の整備といったハード面の支援に加え、衛生向上プログラム、環境教育、コンピュータや英語教育、親の教育へ対する理解の促進なparental care under tough condition(2008)
disaster_management03.jpgmobile library for landslide vintims kids(2008)
disaster_management04.JPGpaticipatory reconstruction project(2009)
disaster_management05.JPGbee culture for income generation(2010)

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asian_tsunami.jpgAsian Tsunami Damage, December 2004 We Non Profit Organization (NPO) APCAS was formed to support the victims affected by the Asian tsunami occurred in on December 2004. Amount of aid material and human resource were provided input for the major catastrophe from the world, on the other hand, this assistance caused to create crucial problems among the people. A major gap between the area and family, moral hazard both in assistance beneficiaries and providers and various issues raised on the ground through continuous activities made us think about “What is the good assistance and governance?” “What is the happiness and independence?”

In 2007, another 3 year later beyond the tsunami, continual heavy rain had widely set off landslides in the central province as a result of climate change. Unfortunately, this disaster was hidden behind the tsunami reconstruction and, as a result of the assistance for the landslide victims was condensed at that time. To support them, we obtained NPO status in Japan on January 2008.

landslide_walapane.JPGLandslide Disaster in Central, November 2007Since 2009, we set up our office in Sri Lanka and started to work on wide-range of projects in other area in addition to support landslide victims. In 2010, we obtained NGO status from the NGO Secretariat of Ministry of Defense in Sri Lanka.

Our Name “APCAS” stands for “Action for Peace, Capability and Sustainability” in English, and at the same time, the sound in Ainu language which is the aboriginal language in Hokkaido Japan means ”walking together”. This is why; APCAS has such dual meaning which deeply-committed to our basis for all activities.

From the beginning of our activities, many supporters and friends were sharing the same feeling with us and have freely given their time and resource to help our activities both in Japan and Sri Lanka. Fortunately, some of them join as the advisors, staff members and board members now. We think and will believe that the strong link with such people is the irreplaceable gift to let us “walk forward”.

Vision, Goals and Guidelines


To build the environment that people can autonomously make a decision about themselves, at the same time, to build the environment that can expand people’s range of life options with people, And to contribute to build a vibrant society with rich diversity.

Long Term Goals

1. Sustainable development based on dialogue and independence.
2. Creating peace and a safe environment for future growth.


1. Dialogue :
firstly, having a dialogue with all relevant people and organizations.

2. Local Resource :
finding and using local resource and networks as possible.

3. Participatory :
involving the whole community including minority as possible.

4. Autonomy :
being made a participatory decision about projects by the community.

5. Peace :
contributing to local stability and building safe environment.

6. Capability :
planning projects which can expand the range of options as possible.

7. Sustainability :
being projects based on longer-term view for the future growth.

Latest Photo and Message

Heavy Rain has caused crucial damage for the people life in North-East area.

Activities Field

Disaster Management
1000 (4).JPG
During the last few decades the treats from disasters have been increased all over world by natural disasters as well as manmade disasters.....

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Educational Support
We will continue to work on the educational projects to expand children’s potential and to reduce the gap. As the next step......

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Environmental Conservation
All living beings are depending on the components of nature. Regardless depending on nature,the current development paradigm has been driven in past centuries. As a result of.....

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Water & Sanitation
A high percentage of Sri Lanka’s 10,000 schools do not have adequate water and sanitation facilities and about 600 do not have any at all.....

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Disabilities Assistance
We try to prevent the disability and make the accessibility to them as others according to our vision and mottos in sustainable manner.....

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Agricultural Support
We think that now is the best time to discuss about economically and mentally sustainable agriculture style. We are not against.....

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Research & Networking
We also have widely worked on projects of various sizes with Japan and local NGO, international cooperation organization, research institute, firms and individuals sharing the same vision with us. We wil.....

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Social Business
But when thinking about the importance of independence, sustainability and spin-off effects, perhaps we cannot avoid touching “Business Scheme” more or less. Because....

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On-going Project

Nature Conservation in Bolgoda Lake through the effective use of sawdust.JPG
Nature Conservation in Bolgoda Lake through the Effective Use of Sawdust

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Employment Promotion Project for Visually Handicapped "Bring Bright for Blind"

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Galkadawala Pre-School Building.JPG
Galkadawala Pre-School Building

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House Construction support.JPG
Housing Assistance for the Landslide Victims

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Holding Children Clubs at Landslide Affected Areas.JPG
Supporting to Improve the Education Level through the Children Club

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Installing Water Equipments in Schools and Awareness Programme in CKD problems area.jpg
Installing Water Equipments in Schools and Awareness Programme in CKD problems area

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Improving Water Supply System and Childrens Public Health.JPG
Improving Water Supply System and Children's Public Health

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Establishing Agriculture Centre and Agriculutural Income Generation Programme at Landslide Affected Areas.JPG
Livelihood Support at Landslide Affected Areas

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Constructing school building and establishing garden.JPG
Constructing School Building and Establishing garden in Landslide Affected Area

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Organization Information


APCAS Hakodate Office, Japan

Motomachi 20-15, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0054 JAPAN
Mail: office@apcas.jpn.org

APCAS Colombo Office, Sri Lanka

19 / 8 Highlevel road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 114361080
Mail: office@apcas.jpn.org