APCAS Activities

Disaster Management


disaster002.jpgAsian Tsunami affected south area, Dec.2004During the last few decades the treats from disasters have been increased all over world by natural disasters as well as manmade disasters. The climate change effects have mainly impacted to make this situation. It’s again make a meaning “All Disasters are Manmade Disasters”. Final result is the creating vulnerability in the society. This situation is very hard to adopt by poor countries as well as developing countries.

The frequency of flood, drought, landslides, hard winds, such disasters could be seen regularly in Sri Lanka past decades. Tsunami has pushed down the life of coastal people on 2004. The people who are maintain well life within few minute became Internally Displaced People. Finally they have to go IDP camps. Some were staying more than two years to go for the permanent residence.

disaster003.JPGLandslide victims resettlement area (2009) On 2007 such scenario happened in upcountry at Walapone in Nuwaraeliya District Sri Lanka during the rainy session. More than thousand people has been become IDPs. More than two hundred peoples’ houses were completely destroyed. Finally their life limited to temporary shelters in the camp sites. These camp sites were not maintained according to Sphere Guidelines.

And on the begining of 2011, Heavy rain widely caused flood and landslide disaster in mainly North, North-east and East regions and more than 1 million people were affected while around 360 thousands have been displaced from their homes.

Our Action for Tsunami Victims since 2004
After the Tsunami disaster, fishery boats and other fishery equipment were totally destroyed and they lost their income. For affected fisheries in South province, we provide fishery boats and other material to start their occupation again without suffering from financial burdens in 2005.
Since 2008, just in time for when our activities formally started, we conducted waste management and home-garden project in tsunami victims’ resettlement area in Matala and implement income generation project through spread the technique of chicken farming for tsunami victims social-psychological mental care project for kids who had psychological dilemma in Batticaloa, East region.

Our Action For Landslide Victims since 2007

disaster007.JPGDialogue among the community
The first APCAS interventions for disasters started through relief programme to the landslide victims. We tackled emergency distribution such as providing clothes, food, and drinking water as the first step. During prolonged life as evacuees, we actively played the role of arranging and strengthening the network among victims, governmental sections and the relevant organizations to promote the victims would regain the former life as soon as possible. On the other hand, we identified the real needs with participatory ways and worked on improving sanitation facilities and constructing 52 temporary houses in IDPs camp.

disaster004.jpgSelf-built houseAs the midterm approaches implemented the supports for education, water and sanitation, and home constructions. On 2009 when victims started to move to 5 resettlement areas, most of the areas faced water and sanitation issues and difficulties of access roads. We supported to construct toilets, and provide water system in Denilowatta resettlement area and construct the access road in Nildandahinna resettlement area. To solve the water issue the Harshchandra Group of Company has joined with us and provides 6 water tanks of 5000 leters under their Cooperate Social Responsibility scheme. There are well fixed in those areas and people get water still from those tanks. What is more, Housing support was also implemented because government financial assistance was really poor. Totally we supplied 75 families the materials of constructing 1 room of permanent house to ensure the minimum living space. After construction 1 room completed, each beneficiary would continuously keep building their own house based on their financial and family situations. And this year we started to launch through children club activities to improve the educational environment.

Even infrastructure facilities improved, people struggle for their daily wage. On 2010, we realized the necessity of sustainable livelihood activities as the final phase of assistance. We built the Agrarian Development Centre near at the landslide affected area and introduced Food Process, Vegetable Cultivation at cooperative farm, Farming Livestock such as cow, goat and chicken, Bee Culture, Mushroom cultivation to victims. And at the same time we have been connecting their products to urban market to get the economical independence in this area.

disaster005.JPGNew hope for children Our Action For Flood Victims since 2011 On March 2011, we distributed stationery set for the kids who were destroyed their learning materials in one of flood affected area, Poronnaruwa. Besides we are planning the project of reconstruction assistance for flood victims now.

Our Action will Last... Always we should have to careful about controlling the dependency syndrome of target group according to our past experience on social working. We APCAS was born on the disaster filed therefore we will face seriously what our assistance should be even in the future.