APCAS Activities

Disabilities Support


Bakground According to the 2001 Population and Housing Census there are 274,711 people are with disability. This may be growing as a result of the civil war according to the new survey. Most of the disability caused by accidents, diseases and congenital problem.
There are 13 vocational centers in all island to the persons with disability under the age of 18-35. They are given the training such as carpentary, handicrafts, sewing, and computer operating. But the main issue is the find the income from those thing. Because they have to face the challenge to find the market for their products and it is very competitive because of the other producers.

Cultural Issues and attitudes towards Disability
disabilities_03.JPGRadio ProgramEven though the society is changing day by day some attitudes of people are difficult to change. The attitudes towards persons with disability is also same like that. Most of the Sri Lankan people used to treat them as a social dependence and they give something to them to earn their self happiness.
On the other hand some parents are still thinking having a disability is a reason for the social neglecting. Therefore they do not release their disability child to the open society because of the fear to destroy their social condition and social reputation. The most ridiculous incident is the unawareness of parents about the action they should take on their child. It caused to their poverty and the unpleasantness of their life. They do not aware at least the support that the child can get from the government side and how to access those facilities. It highly affect to the future of the child. Most of the Sri Lankan people try to give something to disable persons to earn the happiness for themselves. But it never becomes the end. Giving something is not the solution for their poverty. Therefore we have to think about the sustainable way for fulfill their needs.

Our Action As a social service organization we are planning sustainable activities through our all programs. In the field of persons with disability, we do not giving something temporally for them. According to our mottos we long plan their future.

First we think how to avoid or control the disability and take action for it. For example we planned to control the blindness in school level in Nuwara eliya district. Blindness can prevent in childhood. But most of the parents, teachers are unaware of it. Therefore we make aware them and train them to how identify the vision problems with self testing. We are doing eye testing at school level in Nuwara Eliya district and spectacles will distribute among who is having vision problems. Through the awareness programs with eye surgeons make aware the children, parents and teachers about how to prevent vision problems.

Those who are visually impaired forever cannot neglect from our society. They also need assistance to upcoming their livelihood. But it should be possible and sustainable.
disabilities_01.JPG"Bring Bright for Blind" ProjectsWe have selected the group of government trained blind therapists and find them to employment opportunity. To create the employment for them is not easy because of the attitudes and lack of knowledge of Sri Lankan society. To overcome these issues we are conducting awareness programs using radio, newspapers, leaflets and discussions.
We try to prevent the disability and make the accessibility to them as others according to our vision and mottos in sustainable manner.