APCAS Activities

Social Business


Our thinking for Social Business
In recent years, in addition to existing methods of social development, we can find many projects aiming to promote peoples’ independence and providing incentive such as “Micro Finance” or “Fair Trade”. On the other hand, in Japan BOP Business (Base of the Pyramid Business) which targets the people lived in developing countries as new customers is received much attention and some Japanese big companies actually begin to work on business in these countries to fill their particular demand which sometimes very different from developed countries. And “Eco Tourism” is also well known method done by the environmental conservation groups in many developing countries.

social_01.JPGmeeting wth our staff and CraftmenThe common concept for all above examples is “using the business scheme to reduce the poverty or to conserve the environment”. Surely we understand there are many activity fields which do not fit with such business method as emergency assistance, education and activities for the poorest in society.

But when thinking about the importance of independence, sustainability and spin-off effects, perhaps we cannot avoid touching “Business Scheme” more or less. Because this is fact that it’s difficult to achieve a financial sustainability and mental independence without connecting properly to market and it sometimes enable us to achieve the goal with less input and time.

But it goes without saying that our first priority is not earning money, we have to think about the negative effects of business scheme because we have seen many incidents that installing business scheme caused the collapse of community harmony and sustainable development in many places.

As the result, what we can do is “we have to think the best Balance among our profit, opponent’s profit and social profit objectively and continuously. And we work on with business scheme only when social one is highest”

Our Action
business02.JPGAPCAS Cooperative Farm in Central ProvinceSome projects implementing in some social development fields are deeply related with business field to reach the goal. Therefore, we newly built the position of social business and who supervises the all project from the view of how we can connect to market and enhance economical sustainability.

Now, we are working on

business03.JPGthe facility producing Eco-friendly Briqutte Fuel In Sri Lanka
1. Supporting Sawdust Briquetting sale for industrial use.
2. Supporting Farming in landslide affected area and promoting sale in urban area.
3. Supporting Employment for Visually Handicapped as the massagers

In Japan
4. Arranging Study Tour and Eco Tourism in Sri Lanka for Japanese people
5. Promoting fair trade sale of Sri Lankan craftsmen’s’ products.

We will continuously seek for the good balance between social development and economical development to walk together with people sharing the same vision.